Northern Colorado
Back Country Horsemen
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Calendar of Events The Calendar shows the different activities that the club has planned, when, where, what time, who to contact.
Trail Riding Etiquette General guidelines/rules for the Trail Boss and the Riders for the different trail rides.
Trail Locations & Conditions Name of Trails, general information about normal conditions, and links to their specific websites if there is one available.
Trail Maintenance Trails that the club has a scheduled maintenance weekend/time set up with a state or federal agency .. this includes but not limited to: identifying noxious weeds, trimming trees, grooming of trails, hauling off manure and in some cases building manure pits and horse paddocks.

The club and its members volunteer their time that is tracked annually by the club and turned into the different agencies that we work with.
Trail Maintenance Tools Tools/Equipment suggested and also the list of tools that the club owns .. donations to our Tool "Kit" are always welcome.
Volunteer Information
Forms, BCHA Guidelines for filling out the forms and what counts and what does not count. Including but not limited to hours, mileage, stock, equipment and much more.  Also have a link to the Volunteer page for BCHA.  Check it out !!
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