Northern Colorado
Back Country Horsemen
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Board & Officers

 Chuck on Grey with some of his pack mules
 Member of the Board

  I have ridden  and packed the trails in Colorado for more than half a century.   I have a deep appreciation for wilderness, pack and riding stock, and keeping our trails open for our next generation.   My love for teaching and passing on my craft keeps me young and on the trail often.  

My association with the Back Country Horsemen of America is a big part of my life and mission and helping do what little I can is important.   

Thanks to BCHA for the opportunity.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 Dale with Pawnee
 Member of the Board

After riding Pawnee for 17 years, I have learned that a good horse will take care of you, not the other way around.  I am happiest when we are riding in the mountains enjoying the beauty of the mountains.

We joined NCBCH to enjoy the company of others that enjoy the same.  I enjoy giving back to the mountains by repairing trails that need to be fixed.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 Nance on Dollar
 Member of the Board
  I grew up in Oklahoma and my husband and I have been riding in Colorado for many years. Before moving here we would spend our vacations in Colorado. I've been a member of NCBCH for a few years and am delighted to now be an Officer Member.

I am blessed to have three horses from which to choose to ride. My 'go to' mount is my aged AQHA gelding, Dollar. My second choice is usually our Paint gelding, Sam, then Cougar, our first Mustang.

I believe in the mission of our organization and I whole heartedly agree  that we need to preserve and protect the trails so we, as well as our  kids and grand kids, can enjoy them. My husband and I have practiced  leave no trace' our entire riding lives.

I am looking forward to getting out to repair, rebuild, reroute and construct trails as necessary following the September floods, as well as just getting out to ride!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 Nancy on Jose
 Member of the Board & BCH State Board Director

I am a charter member of NCBCH (2003).  I am a past  State Vice Chairman for BCHCO . I headed up the Leadership Symposium for 8 years but just stepped down to advisor position. Am still currently Chairman of the Education committee for the State BCHCO
I have attended 2 Wilderness Workshops, I spent 5 days in   Montana to learn to become a Leave No Trace (LNT) Master Trainer for stock.

I ride a quarter horse (Blackjack) and a Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse (Jose). 

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 Rick riding Cisco
 Member of the Board
     After nearly 30 years with A.G. Edwards in St Louis, Chris and I moved
   to Colorado in 2008. I've been riding since I was 5 years old. Chris has
   ridden for the last 6 years. We both love to camp with our horses and
   Golden Retriever, Buddy. 

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 Trudy with James
 Member of t
he Board
I have a Missouri Fox Trotter named James. The Two of us have traveled many miles in the mountains  and I feel the most at ease when riding.

My parents say that I was born in a saddle on a trail and my  brother tells people that I was born 200 years too late. My love of horses, riding, and packing compare  to no other, and now in my later years camping. The wilderness and mountains are my heaven on earth.
I'm excited to continue my work with the NCBCH and to continue to clear trails for future generations.


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


  Jay on Cougar
  President - NCBCH

I was a rodeo cowboy in high school and college. Loved it. Thought there couldn't be anything better than sitting astride a wild horse that was determined to get me off. Wasn't good at roping. Never cared for the bulls. But I couldn't get enough of the horses. I have to tell you though, sitting on a good saddle horse at the top of a mountain ridge, fording a stream in the back country, gliding silently through an aspen grove in full color, or riding a narrow trail on a step mountain side on a horse that you know you can trust, those are the experiences that bond the human soul to the soul of the horse. I still can't get enough of the horses, I just prefer they don't buck these days.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Vickie on Tripper
Vice President - NCBCH

 I founded NCBCH in 2003 because there were no BCHA chapters in Northern Colorado.  I believe so much in the Mission Statement of BCHA so that is why I am so passionate about it.  We need to preserve our packers, guides & outfitters, their talents need to be taught to our younger generations.  We also need to make sure trails stay open to all horse & pack stock.

I always feel at home when I am on a mountain trail with my horse & dog.  It is so much a part of who I am.  So I will do all I can to keep our trails open.  

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


 Rick on Dusty
 Treasurer - NCBCH

  I have always had a love of horses, even when I got bucked off and had to walk home. I enjoy working on horsemanship, riding the trails and camping with my wife & horses. I believe in both preserving and keeping access open to our trails and backcountry. I joined the Northern Colorado Back Country Horseman’s Association in 2008 because of its commitment to our wilderness through service rather than protest. One of my favorite quotes comes from the late President Ronald Reagan “There’s nothing better for the inside of a man than the outside of a horse”.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Kate on Pete, leading Dolly and Libby on the Dadd Gulch Trail  with Josie as the lead  scout, September 2016
Secretary - NCBCH

I joined NCBCH in 2013 and enjoy supporting our local chapter of BCHA.  I strongly believe in the mission of this organization and am proud to be able to do my part to support stock use on public lands.

As an officer I am eager to help this chapter continue to support COBCH and BCHA.  I hope to log more hours in the back country this season and help promote the mission statement of BCHA.

I look forward to getting away from it all and riding, maintaining trails, packing, camping, special projects etc. with you and your equines with NCBCH.

I enjoy riding and packing both my mare and my mule, and my dog loves to come along on rides, too.

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