Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Needed

PPE for Trail Crews:



Eye Protection/Safety Glasses

Long Sleeve Shirt

Long Pants

Leather Boots

DAY PACK: Suggestions to carry with you when working on a trail crew.

Extra Socks, Shirt or sweater, breathable rain jacket and pants

 (It's miserable when you get wet)

Personal Items: Sunscreen, sunglasses, lip balm, flashlight and multitool (these are lifesavers and inexpensive). TP in a ziplock bag, plastic trowel. (remember LNT!) Extra Ziplock bags for human waste unless you bury it properly.

Cell phone/map

First Aide kit (Crew leader should at least have a First Aide + Bee Sting Kit)

FOOD: You'll need high energy foods and snacks. You'll be working hard.

Lunch unless it is specifically stated it is provided

Water bottle (or two) just remember water is HEAVY!